The Louisville Institute’s Winter Seminar

Each year, the Louisville Institute gathers grantees to meet, share progress on projects, and build supportive relationships. As a current recipient of the project grant for researchers, I was happy to participate in the 2019 Winter Seminar. This was my second Winter Seminar; my first came while conducting research for my last solo authored book, Parish and Place.

From their website: “Funded by Lilly Endowment and based at Louisville Seminary, the Louisville Institute supports people who lead and study North American religious institutions, advancing scholarship that will contribute to church, academy, and wider society. LI grants and fellowships support three strategic constituencies: pastors; early career scholars; and senior researchers and scholars.”

A highlight to this year’s seminar was dinner one evening at a church-converted-into-restaurant: Holy Grale, in Louisville, KY. Associate Director Don Richter kindly organized a small group to dine here, in light of my current Louisville-funded project on the adaptive reuse of religious buildings. It provided the perfect setting for project conversation!

I’m grateful for this week of friendship, support, and meaningful progress toward my next book.

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