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Podcast / Radio

Recent podcasts

What Catholics actually think about abortion and Roe v. Wade — Jesuitical — June 2022

People’s True Attitudes About Abortion More Nuanced Than You Think – America Trends – January 2021

Abortion: It’s More Complicated Than you Think – America – October 2020

In-Depth Survey Shows Nuance in How Americans Think About Abortion – WUOT/NPR – 8/31/20

How Americans Understand Abortion – Carrie Abbot Radio Show / Podcast – 8/26/20

Church Life Today Podcast, Dr. Tricia Bruce (Part I; Part II) – 7/28/20

Television / YouTube

Recent appearances

Community and Memory on 9/11 – WBIR – 9/11/20

Social norms of mask-wearing – WBIR – 7/8/20

Coronavirus Concerns (Panel) – WBIR – 3/12/20

Outreach to the Unaffiliated – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) – 4/21/20

Calm and Fear – WBIR – 3/9/20

MeToo | Harvey Weinstein’s conviction doesn’t mark an end to the global movement – WBIR – 2/24/20

Study: Americans say politics are literally making them sick, lose sleep
WBIR – 8/26/19

Mass shootings and the loss of public space
WBIR – 8/5/19

Why Are Congregations so Divided?
Religion for Breakfast (Youtube series) – 8/1/19

Nostalgia and the Circle of Life
WBIR – 7/20/19

Notre Dame destruction felt worldwide
WBIR – 4/16/19

Social media amplifies hate
WBIR – 3/18/19

JOMO Week: Experts say technology can be like a dopamine hit
WBIR – 2/20/19

Generations Week: Breaking down stereotypes, trends and the biggest moments of each living generation
Greatest/Silent Gen | Baby Boomers | Gen X | Millennials | Gen Z
WBIR – 2/10/19 – 2/14/19

Violence as entertainment
WBIR – 1/27/19

What are the reasons for immediate gratification?
Press Plus Fact News – 1/17/19

Synagogue Shooting: Explaining Hate Crimes
WBIR – Knoxville – 10/29/1

Why do thrill seekers enjoy being scared? [The Sociology of Fear]
WBIR – Knoxville – 10/29/18

The Culture of Instant Gratification
Press TV – Iran – 10/10/18

Religion and Support for the Death Penalty
WBIR – Knoxville – 8/10/18

Old churches find new life beyond religion
WBIR – Knoxville – 7/25/18

#MeToo and the Arrest of Harvey Weinstein
WBIR – Knoxville – 5/25/18

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Print Media [Bylines + Mentions / Non-exhaustive]

What Americans’ Complex Views on Abortion Mean for Its Legal Future — Tricia C. Bruce — TIME Magazine — 8/22/22

We Asked Hundreds of Americans About Abortion. Their Feelings Were Complicated — Tricia C. Bruce — TIME Magazine — 5/9/22

The Pro-life Movement’s Work Is Just Beginning — by David French — The Atlantic — June 2022

Opposition to abortion doesn’t stop some Americans from supporting friends and family who seek one — Tricia C. Bruce — The Conversation (reprinted in the Philadelphia Inquirer, more)

What Americans Really Think About Abortion – by Tricia C. Bruce – Wall Street Journal – 9/26-27/20

Confused and conflicted: Attitudes toward abortion have many Americans feeling this way – Catholic News Service – 9/1/20

Skewed media coverage of abortion at the Republican convention reveals a gap no one wants to bridge – America Magazine – 8/27/20

Do Pro-Lifers Who Reject Trump Have ‘Blood on their Hands’? – David French, The Dispatch – 8/23/20

This is what Americans know, don’t know about abortion – Christian Post – 8/22/20

What Pro-Lifers Can Learn From the Notre Dame Abortion Survey – National Catholic Register – 8/9/20

Before talking about abortion, it helps to listen to people’s stories – Charles Camosy, Crux – 8/2/20

Abortion: Discuss, Don’t Debate – Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter – 7/31/20

New study shows Americans have complicated views on abortion – Charles Camosy, Crux – 7/25/20

Americans in Agreement: Abortion is Not a ‘Desirable Good’ – National Catholic Register, EWTN – 7/21/20

Notre Dame study examines ‘everyday’ Americans’ attitudes toward abortion – America Magazine – 7/16/20

Churches Are Building Housing Developments ‘in God’s Back Yard’
Bloomberg CityLab – 7/13/20

Has denying Communion lost its political luster?
Religion News Service – 11/5/19

They Solemnly Swear Their Wedding Will Ditch Tradition
Wall Street Journal – 8/6/19

Why Dioceses Need to Support Struggling Latino Churches
America – 12/13/18

Why are we at each others’ throats? Healing polarization in our church
National Catholic Reporter – 11/30/18

“Nones” like it not
Aleteia – 8/19/18

As traditional parishes decline, ‘personal parishes’ find new interest
National Catholic Reporter – 7/12/18

MC’s Tricia Bruce receives grants, faculty fellowship to support research
Maryville College Newsroom – 7/10/18

Bishops adopt ‘pastoral response’ for Asian, Pacific Island Catholics
Catholic News Service – 6/14/18 [Cited as “a team of social scientists”]
Story also appears in National Catholic Reporter (6/14/18) and Crux (6/15/18)

What Is It Like to Move to Knoxville?
Greater Knoxville Business Journal – June 2018

Commitment, controversy from evangelical Catholic movement
San Francisco Gate – San Francisco – 2/10/18

An evangelical Catholic movement inspires commitment, stirs controversy
Philadelphia Inquirer – Philadelphia – 1/12/18

Trump hanté par le harcèlement sexuel
Tribune de Genève – 12/12/17

Maryville College sociology professor sees impact of culture in recent sexual harassment revelations
The Daily Times – Maryville – 12/4/17 [Front page story]

Maryville College Professor Publishes Book about Diversity in the Church
Highland Echo – Maryville – 10/11/17

Catholic Community Life on the Wane?
National Catholic Register – 10/4/17

Changing the parish to help keep unity in a changing Church
Crux News – 8/1/17

Making Parishes Personal
Crisis Magazine – 7/25/17

Making parishes more personal by making personal parishes
Crux News – 7/13/17

Pope Francis’ Speech to U.S. Congress
Knoxville Daily Times – 9/25/15