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Recent and Upcoming Talks

April 2023. Invited Panel, Religion and Reproductive Politics: A Mary Center/Divinity School Conference. The University of Chicago Divinity School.

March 2023. Invited Panel, Religion News Association Conference. “Roe v. Wade: The Next Chapter.”

November 2022. American Academy of Religion. “Priests, Trust, and Crisis: Findings from the National Study of Catholic Priests.”

October 2022. Westmont College. “Deeper Thinking on Abortion.”

October 2022. Mexico City Congress. “Territorialidad y desterritorialiización de la urbe y de la parroquia.”

September 2022. “Religion, Theology, and Abortion.” Saint Louis University.

September 2022. Association of Pittsburgh Priests. “Abortion: Where Do We Go From Here?”

August 2022. American Sociological Association. “Social Imaginaries and Real Consequences: The Case of Abortion in the United States”

June 2022. Reproductive Rights. 7th Biennial Conference on Religion & American Culture. Indianapolis.

June 2022. Keynote. “Re-Envisaging Catholicism in Late Modernity.” Institute for Catholic Church Statistics. Poland.

August 2021. “Bring a Folding Chair: Constraint and Adaptation in Contemporary Catholic Women’s Leadership.” Association for the Sociology of Religion. (Virtual).

July 2021. “Transformation the Catholic Diaconate.” International Society for the Sociology of Religion. (Virtual).

July 2021. “American Abortion Attitudes.” USCCB Conference. (Virtual).

February 2021. “Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Post-Roe? New Prospects for the Abortion Debate in America.” Fordham University Center on Religion and Culture. (Virtual).

November 2020. “Where Catholicism Lives.” Lived Catholicism(s) Conference. Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom, in partnership with the London School of Economics. (Virtual).

October 2020. “Outside of ‘Church.'” Guild of Liturgical Designers; Manila, Philippines. (Virtual).

April 2020. “Full Parishes; Empty Parishes”
Community of St. Peter (CSP) Adult Education Series; Cleveland, OH (Virtual).

October 2019. H. Paul Douglass Lecture. “I Can’t Keep Quiet: Engaging with Scholarly Research on Religion”
Annual Meeting of the Religious Research Association (RRA) and Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR), St. Louis, MO.

October 2019. O’Callaghan Lecture on Women in the Church. “Carriers of Catholicism: Agents of a Future Church.”
Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT.

June 2019.

Keynote, 2019 Life and Human Dignity Symposium. “Polls, Poles and Pulls”
University of Notre Dame.
South Bend, IN.

June 2019. Invited Panel, “Religion and Refugees”
6th Biennial Conference on Religion & American Culture. Indianapolis, IN.

May 2019. “Scandal, Structure, & Renewal: Sociological Perspectives on Change in the Catholic Church”
Seattle University. Seattle, WA.

August 2018. Two-part invited lecture series: “The Place of Diversity in Contemporary Religion”; “Religious ‘Nones’ in the City.”
Tennessee Wesleyan University. Athens, TN.

August 2018. “Social Scientific Study of Religion.”
Remnin University. Beijing, China.

June 2018. “Data on Polarization in the Church and Nation.” Though Many, One: Overcoming Polarization through Catholic Social Thought.
Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

June 2018. “Research on Asian and Islander Catholics in the United States.” Presentation to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

April 2018.  “Invitation to Sociology of Catholicism: Caveat Emptor” 10th Anniversary Conference, Centre for Catholic Studies

Durham University, Durham, England.

April 2018. “Losing Our Patrimony? A Working Session on the Preservation of Catholica in an Age of Diocesan Reorganization.”
American Catholic Historical Association. Emmitsburg, MD.

 January 2018. “Parishes and Placemaking: Observations from the Making (and Unmaking) of Catholicism in Modern Communities.” Catholic Theology Research Seminar. Centre for Catholic Studies
Durham University. Durham, England.


I love teaching, and am available for guest classroom visits (live or online). As a tenured professor at Maryville College 2007-2018, I taught the sociology of religion, social theory, social inequality, social movements, immigration, introductory sociology, research methods, and more.

A few of my former research assistants.