What Americans Really Think About Abortion (WSJ)

My new essay in the Wall Street Journal (page C3 in the September 26-27 issue) brings attention to what we learned from interviewing hundreds of Americans in-depth regarding how they think and feel about abortion. A big takeaway? Americans' views are far more nuanced than what a black and white, "pro-choice" versus "pro-life" framing presumes. …

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Media Coverage of “How Americans Understand Abortion”

My report on American' Abortion Attitudes - a study and publication of the University of Notre Dame's McGrath Institute for Church Life - has received wide attention in media sources. I am thankful for reporters who have engaged with its contents, implications, and correctives regarding what we think we already "know" about abortion attitudes...but haven't …

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“_American Parishes_ is a specialized publication of the best kind…”

These are the words that Kevin J. Christiano uses to describe American Parishes: Remaking Local Catholicism, a book I edited with Gary Alder and Brian Starks (2019, Fordham University Press). Christiano brings the reader in with the following personalized account in his review: We are grateful for Christiano's careful read and positive review that concludes …

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Empty Pews

Invited lectures necessarily get creative during this time! Thanks to the Community of Saint Peter in Cleveland, Ohio, for welcoming me - virtually - into their homes to deliver a talk entitled "Empty Pews" about the religiously non-affiliated. This was a great chance to share ten "storylines" emergent from conversations with "nones" around the United …

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Calm and Fear

In this extraordinary time, we recognize just how connected we are to one another. Thanks to WBIR for the invitation to speak to concerns raised by Covid-19 and the collective network of support its response requires. Grateful to join a panel in-studio as well as doing this interview earlier in the week. https://www.wbir.com/video/news/health/coronavirus/dr-tricia-bruce-talks-about-keeping-calm-as-coronavirus-spreads/51-608effa7-4316-4f8d-8bd2-04a35028176e