New Partnership with Sacred Writes & “Religion for Breakfast”

Thanks to support from Sacred Writes (funded by the Henry Luce Foundation) I’m excited to be co-producing an original video for the popular YouTube channel, “Religion for Breakfast.”

From the Sacred Writes website: “Religion for Breakfast is a YouTube channel dedicated to the academic study of religion with over 65,000 subscribers and almost 4 million views since it launched in 2013. RFB’s goal is to boost religious literacy by producing high-quality educational videos on a variety of religious studies topics, ranging from ancient Christianity to religious studies theory to pop culture.”

Together with RFB founder Andrew Mark Henry, we’ll create a video looking at how congregations mirror social divisions. It will draw upon current research in the sociology of religion, including my own work on personal parishes in the US Catholic Church.

I’ll share a link to the video once it goes live!

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