Thank you to the Louisville Institute and Appalachian College Association

As I launch into the research behind my next book, I am grateful to the Louisville Institute for a $30,000 Project Grant for Researchers and the Appalachian College Association for a $6,000 Faculty Fellowship.

This support will be instrumental as I travel the country to assess religious building “conversions” and transitions: i.e., spaces that go from “church” / religious use into “non” religious use. What happens to religious buildings when they are sold? How does “church” repurposing (re)shape neighborhoods, and residents’ relationships to religion and community?

This research is poised to inform a wide inquiry into the place of religion in modern cities, where declines of affiliation and attendance foreshadow declines in infrastructure needs. Religious buildings stand as a residual cultural markers, when (if) preserved. “Church” in the city takes new meanings.

A big THANK YOU to the Louisville Institute and Appalachian College Association for seeing the value in this research and my ability to complete it. Follow along for updates along the way…and stay tuned for future publications!

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