Successful Book Talk, Research Trip to New York City

My recent visit to Manhattan brought more great conversation around my book (“Faithful Revolution”) as well as opportunities to explore the fascinating religious landscape of New York City. Pictured below are some of those gathered for the talk as well as images from several parishes:

1) Holy Innocents, which offers the Latin Mass (but is not at this point a “personal parish”).

2) Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Bernard, a predominately Spanish-speaking congregation founded in 1902 for the Spanish-speaking population of New York, merged in 2003 with a predominantly Irish parish founded in 1868.  This parish now draws in Latinos from around the area and features prominant depictions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

3) Most Precious Blood Church, established in 1888 as a national parish for Italian Catholics.  It sits on the edge of Chinatown and Little Italy, and as you can see from the sign, now also offers a weekly Vietnamese Mass (and none in Italian).

Unlike other dioceses, the Archdiocese of New York has not – to my knowledge – established any new (i.e., post-1983) personal (i.e., non-territorial) parishes.





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