New article in The Conversation (picked up by Philadelphia Inquirer, Christian Ethics Today, more)

My new article in The Conversation draws from collaborative work with Sarah Cowan, Brea Perry, Bridget Ritz, Stuart Perrett, and Elizabeth Anderson in Science Advances. Using interview data from the National Abortion Attitudes Study, I explore what’s behind the willingness of some Americans who express moral opposition to abortion to help a friend or family member obtain one.

Like so much of the abortion landscape, people’s views are complicated. The nexus of values and behaviors can be more complicated, still. Exploring these tensions gives us a more accurate, data-based understanding of what abortion attitudes look like for ordinary Americans. And, in this case — what it looks like to engage in pro-social behavior that conflicts with another deeply held value.

Read the full article: “Opposition to abortion doesn’t stop some Americans from supporting friends and family who seek one.”

Thanks also to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Christian Ethics Today, Buffalo News, Times Union, Pittsburgh Currier, and other outlets for also publishing my article!