Civic Engagement

Sociologists – like all in the academy – play an important role in building up the communities we inhabit. Given the nature of the academic job market, many of us end up in cities far from where we grew up or attended school. This was the case for me, when my spouse and I moved to Maryville, TN from Washington, D.C. (and before that – Santa Barbara, CA, after growing up in Texas and moving around as a “military brat”). East Tennessee was new territory for us. It’s now the place we call home, and where we are raising our two children.

We’ve come to love our community of Knoxville, TN. My spouse Brandon Bruce co-founded a software company here (Cirrus Insight), and we are both immersed in community non-profits, education initiatives, local media, and neighborhood mobilization. This love for the city (and encouragement from others) has led Brandon to run for city council. Read more about his campaign, and follow along on his campaign Facebook page as we look forward to the primary election on August 29, 2017.